Paul Palmer

Paul Palmer

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Paul R Palmer is a Director / Pharmaceutical Consultant and a practicing EU / UK Qualified Person since 2004. He has over 36 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the development, manufacture and supply of medicinal products and medical devices.

Throughout his career, Paul has intentionally taken on all opportunities as they arose in order to develop a broad range of knowledge with an in-depth detailed understanding of manufacturing, storage, distribution, research, computerised systems, as well as the facilities and services to support each.

Qualified as a Lead auditor, Paul has been auditing suppliers and internal management systems since 1998 and still remembers the advice of his manger Robert Whitham on his first solo audit. Remember not everyone does GMP the same way, just because they don't do it the same way as us doesn't mean its wrong. Seeing new ways and applying the knowledge to other fields or companies allows Paul to think laterally often developing a creeative solution noone else considered.

People and systems have always been a core focus, how to ensure best use, optimise and enhance efficiency. He has a level of curiosity rarely displayed in people taking on the qualified person role in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Culture, behaviour and psychology are all significant influences on the systems and processes we implement, but are often ignored.

Educationally Paul has a Degree in Applied Biology, an MSc in Quality Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Studies and an EMBa in Business administration all of which bring more depth to his experience and knowledge.

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