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Great Trainers

New Era Webinars is an international event company. Our goal is to realize the best events for our clients, primarily focused on the Pharmaceutical,  Biotechnology and Medical Device industry. By organizing Web conferences, we connect the world’s best trainers on specific topics with representatives of companies who participate in events through interactive and discursive lectures.

Specialized Topics. Learn from Experts ​

We want to share the best knowledge and experience of experts for specialized topics and help companies get new strategic approaches and solutions, open perspectives in certain topics.


We offer a convenient way for people in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to stay up-to-date on the latest research and developments. By providing webinars on a variety of topics, we are giving customers the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and network with others in their industry.


Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy, based on blended event management skills that we built with our long years of experience. Effective international relations, process management skills, project based working plan, creativity desire and priority timing skills are some part of our management blend.

Online zoom connecting with free recording

Our webinar participants will be connected via the Zoom application, which will provide a seamless and user-friendly platform for the event including live polls, Q&A sessions and breakout rooms
In addition, the webinar will be recorded and made available for free to all attendees, allowing them to review the content at their leisure.
Finally, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance, which can be used to demonstrate their professional development and skills to employers and colleagues.

Learn new things and connect people

Event Speakers

Olivier Chassany, MD, PhD, HDR

Full Professor of Medicine

Francois Meyer

Secretary General Vif-fragiles

Mira Pavlovic

expert for regulatory and health technology science and market access

Phil Tregunno

Deputy Director of Patient Safety Monitoring MHRA

Jeremy Jokinen

Vice President and Head, Global Risk managment @ Bristol Myers Squibb

Grazyna Lieberman

RWD Strategy and Regulatory Policy Consultant

Shaun Comfort

Principal Scientific Enablement Director @ Roche-Genentech PVSD-SEP

Bruce Donzanti

Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Policy Consultant

Pijush Bose


Our Visionary Speakers
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Event Participants

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